Sarah Sheehan

Senior Advisor, Commercial Law

team member

Sarah is an experienced international commercial counsel with more than 30 years’ legal experience, initially as a litigation solicitor with a leading London media law firm.

Subsequently she moved into the commercial area, including a period as a commercial manager for the European operation of US tax and law publisher CCH, during which time Sarah was heavily involved in the transition from paper to electronic publishing, developing, building and commissioning a number of new products for the legal market, as well as launching a journal for the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. 

She subsequently advised Edinburgh-based HotDocs (developers of the world’s leading document automation technology software), working with the company’s counsel and corporate clients and providing an ideal opportunity for a greater understanding of and involvement with the process side of legal work.

For much of the last 15 years, Sarah has worked as a commercial lawyer, either on a project management basis or as a an important outside resource for  multinational and growing company legal departments in a number of sectors, including manufacturing, software & technology, medical, media and business process outsourcing, providing complete commercial support on commercial projects including complex drafting and managing cross-border legal projects.

Sarah’s specialist skills are in the field of IT law in addition to her broad commercial background.

Sarah obtained a BA (Hons) in English & French Law, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK 1983 and a Diplôme de Droit Français, Université de Paris-Sud, Paris, France 1982.

She is based in the UK, is a native English speaker and is bi-lingual in French.